Service We Provide:
Individual psychological educational evaluations to determine students learning profile. These assessments will help schools and parents gain an in-depth understanding of students learning and academic difficulties and includes an intervention plan based on students strengths, weaknesses and personality that can be used by teachers and schools to help them.

Psycho Metric tools we use:
To help the students and to identify their learning difficulties we will administer psychological tests. These tests used by us are the most standardized test commonly used by psychologists internationally. We use the most updated and latest versions of tests which are recognized and accepted by all international exam boards. We use nonverbal tests for non native English speakers and for students having any physical disability of hearing and listening.

Students who will benefit by our services:
Students who show scholastic difficulties and have a history of underachieving at school. Students who show peculiar difficulties in learning areas like reading, writing or Math. Students who show difficulty paying attention, or are slow learners. Students who have developmental delay or other physical or mental disability. Student’s seeking admission to school and require assessment reports. Students from high school who need detailed assessment report to request access arrangements from examination board. This will also be helpful for parents who are interested to know their children better in terms of their mental abilities, intelligence, aptitude, and learning style.

The school may refer a student to us or parents may approach us direct. The parents will be required to come to our office for an initial interview to discuss the background history and the difficulties of the student. If the school permits, an observation is set up at school to observer the student in the classroom setting if required. The data is collected by going through the students previous academic and medical records and then the student is called in for the assessment. The reports are given within a week of the assessment. The report will be discussed with the parent and school personnel in detail.

The report will discuss the details of assessment results and the identification of learning difficulties. It will also include student’s strengths and weaknesses, thinking profile of the student that emerges on test results and learning style of the student. The report will include the remedial plan, recommendation on curriculum and teaching resources required as per students needs, recommendation on teaching style for teachers, classroom intervention plan and recommendations for parents and intervention plan required at students home.

An initial charge of R.O. 25/- is applicable for the consultation meeting that includes detailed history taking through parents. The assessment charges will depend upon the combination of tests that will be used for the required assessment. The parents will be informed about the assessment charges during the consultation meeting once complete history taking is done. The charges for the assessment will range from 180 to 290 OR depending on combination of test required.

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