Abhay Singh Says

Hi I'm Abhay Singh, currently doing a BSc in Business & Management at Aston University, Birmingham (U.K.). Going abroad to study has been a wonderful experience. From the excellent quality of education through to the multi-cultural environment, there are alot of benefits arising out of studying abroad. Having spent the last 3 years in the U.K., I can confidently say I have experienced no problems whatsoever in adapting to the culture or course during my studies. Birmingham in particular, with its student population diversity and safe environment makes the transition to life in the U.K. that much easier. I would also like to thank Al-Ahlam Higher Education & Training Services for facilitating my admission to Aston University. Their guidance and help was invaluable through the process.

Mahmood Al Fahdy – Plymouth Says

I got to know Al Ahlam Centre for Higher Education Services through the British Council, who referred it to me as soon as I got my scholarship to for doctoral studies in the science of Information Technology Engineering. Having consulted Al Ahlam Centre staff and provide them with the necessary information, I found all the support I needed to pursue my higher studies in the UK. My decision to conduct my PhD Research in the UK was not at random, but after knowing the quality of education in the UK since I have obtained my BSc and MSc. degrees from UK as well within four consecutive years. If you are considering the completion of your higher studies abroad, the United Kingdom would be the right choice and could be the be the best.

Omar Al Farsi Says

Dear Majid, Thank you very, very much for your cooperation with me from the very first moment, and this proves your permanent devotion with the student. Now I am almost at the end of my course remained less than a month and will fully finish my term successfully as we agreed, and I feel great pride that I started learning English Language from scratch and it have improved a lot! Thanks to Allah first and then your unfailing courtesy, for your sincere work, I learned easily and quickly with a good, noticeable progress in English level, praise be to God. The truth is that English school in Chester is an excellent school in everything specially their great interest and help to the student learning. Finally, I will for sure convey this image of good office and the school, in all sincerity and honesty to all whom I know.

Hassan Al Farsi says

The fact that we weren't able to say two consecutive sentences in English was the reason why we joined such courses for the past four years. Despite being young when we first joined our first English course. It went so smooth and easy. The fun and benefits were absolutely massive and countless. We learnt a lot of things. Our English language improved a lot. Furthermore, we learnt about the English culture, lifestyle and history. Moreover, we interacted with people from different cultures and made so many friends. After all, this experience is full of benefits in all its aspects from education to entertainment and so on no matter how old or young the person is, and the level of his/her English. Now, and after four years of joining four different English courses in the UK, The only thing we can say is that the experience is actually indescribable.

Hadeel Alzadjali Says

I first heard about Al-Ahlam education in 2010, when I decided with a group of friends to transfer to a university in England; Al-Ahlam was my best option due to the fact it was working with the affiliated university! Over time, throughout the service from Al-Ahlam education I found that the service offered was great due to the fact that Kate and Annetta look out for the students and truly take good care of them not only during the application process but also after enrolling and joining the university.
It was a pleasure for me to be able to use the services Al-Ahlam education provided, as I graduated from England in 2012 and now on the verge of completing my masters! My first step to reaching where I am today was completed with Al-Ahlam education's help! Thank you Kate and Annetta.

Gilmour Mendonsa says

My name is Gilmour Mendonsa and I applied for my course Hospitality Management B.A(Hons) 2011-15 through Al-Ahlam agency, Muscat. This agency is a wonderful team of talented people who will guide you through your initial phases of beginning your Higher Education in a foreign country. When I consulted their services back in 2011, my point of contact was Mrs. Annette Rosario, who is extraordinary in her skills to assure new students that your dreams are be achievable of moving abroad. Mrs. Rosario and the whole Al-Ahlam team assisted me from the initial finding a suitable University phase through selecting the right one for myself, visa application paperwork and accommodation paperwork( and there is a lot!). However, with the help of the agency this was a hassle-free experience. I chose the University of Huddersfield to study my course and it is a fantastic University. They won the award for the Entrepreneurial University in 2013-14, they are in the top 10 Universities for paid placements in the UK, they also have a 94% employability rate for graduates and affordable living costs for students. I completed a year of industrial placement in a London hotel and I got the position through campus recruitment, and the University has a dedicated department for placement which specializes in assisting students to find jobs. The town itself is a student populated town and everything within the town center is catered for students. So living within the town will eliminate the need to access public transport to get anywhere as all the areas are in walking distance. There are also the nearby cities Leeds and Sheffield to which there are good public transport links. Good luck with your application and I wish you all success !